About Awesome Joe Auctions

What’s so “awesome” about Awesome Joe Auctions™?

Developed by Andy Lally ALIVE®, Awesome Joe Auctions a vehicle enthusiast marketplace, offering curated classifieds and auctions. Our digital community is assisted by agents who facilitate the sales process by hand with support of industry leading partners in every step of the sale.

We've eliminated fake bidding and bots and designed a patent-pending Buy Confident ProcessSM for buying any vehicle sight unseen without reservation. Plus, you have the choice to list conditions to be validated by a third party in the event of a sale, demonstrating the true value of your vehicle.

Our FREE TO LIST UNTIL SOLD* policy provides you a risk-free listing option for all listing types. And, upon sale, we offer minimal service fees at 2% (max $2,000.00) for the seller and 3% (max $3,000.00) for the buyer.

Along with ALIVE’s other technology platforms, solutions, and services, Awesome Joe Auctions is fueling the automotive industry and strengthening the community by connecting people to their passion in a meaningful way.

*See our Terms of Service for details.